"The road to the creative passes so close to the madhouse and often detours or ends there.”


Ernest Becker




Anna completed a degree in Art Education in 1997 at Bretton Hall College.  20 years later whilst trying to relax after some difficult shifts as a mental health nurse, Anna started to draw a piece called Cucullia argentea, a pen and watercolour illustration of 24 individually drawn moths.  The process of repetition enabled her to focus so intently that she was able to forget about work. 

Anna  started to explore the connection between repetition and focus, and began using dots to create her images.  Without realising it Anna began to create a stress free style of art for herself. 

Anna draws her inspiration from the style and colours of both Japanese woodblock and Victorian natural history prints. She uses pen, watercolours and varnish.  By limiting the materials she uses, Anna strengthens her focus and to simplify the process further Anna limits herself to 5 subject areas that she has a passion for, insects, birds, landscapes anatomy and trees.  These limitations enable Anna to focus completely on her drawing, colour, subject and composition without distraction.

Anna is now a more relaxed mental health nurse and lives in York with her partner and 2 children (who love painting insects too!).